How do you transfer a picture from your phone to the computer?

There are several ways of transferring pictures, data files, music, video etc. from your phone to your computer.

  • Using an USB cable
  • Using Bluetooth – connect your phone to the computer via Bluetooth. Then go to the gallery and and select share / send via Bluetooth. You will then see a pop in your computer which will either ask permission to accept the transfer or show you the received content.
  • Emailing the content from your phone and opening the email in your computer, however the only restriction is that you can send limited content in one email due to size limit per email
  • Using Cloud accounts to upload and download content.

Though transferring photos is not an issues any of the scenarios as almost all operating systems supports the commonly used picture formats.

IOS to Windows :-

Though people get a little restless when they think of transferring data from an iOS device to a Windows computer, however it is pretty simple

Step 1 – Connect your iOS device to the computer with the cable which came with the Apple device

Step 2 – Once you connect you will see a pop on your iOS device screen stating “Allow this device to access photos & videos”. Press Allow.

Step 3 – Open File Explorer and you will see your phone listed beside the local drives.

Step 4 – Click on you phone name and you will see an option called DCIM

Step 5 – Click DCIM and you will see all the folders which stores the photos in your iOS device.

Step 6 – Search for the ones you want to transfer, select and copy them

Step 7 – Go to the location in you computer where you want to save the copied photos and paste the same.

Step 8 – The photo transfer is completer.

Android to Windows : –

This one is pretty straight forward and you do not have to be tech savvy to be able to complete the action. Just plug connect the phone to the computer using an USB cable. As soon as you do that you will get a pop up in your computer asking you to select the action. Close the window and then follow the below actions.

Step 1 – open the “File Explorer” in your computer

Step 2 – You will see another drive as portable device or external device in the file explorer other than the normal Local Disk C:/ drive and others if you have a multiple partition.

Step 3 – Open the new drive showing your phone name and select the folder which contains the photos.

Step 4 – Select the photos you want to transfer and copy them

Step 5 – Close the window and open the folder in your computer where you want the photos to be transferred

Step 6 – Paste the photos and complete the transfer.

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