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Categories of Psychology Research Topics 

Here is a list of psychology research topics provided by homework helper which are divided into categories and that you can use when writing your paper. 

Developmental Psychology Research Topics 

  1. The effect of bullying on mind development 
  2. Do gender roles influence stereotypes in society? 
  3. How does abuse affect children’s development?
  4. Are students who listen to music achieve better scores compared to those that do not? 
  5. Do students who engage in extracurricular activities perform better or worse in exams? 
  6. How does domestic abuse affect brain development in the victims? 
  7. Do individuals with a high self-efficacy imply better memory compared to those with low self-efficacy?
  8. The role of violent video games on juvenile delinquency
  9. How does aging influence the development of behavior? 
  10. What psychological factors are related to the process of aging?


Social Psychology Research Topics 

  1. How does peer influence the behavior of teenagers? 
  2. What are the social effects of bullying on both the bully and the victim? 
  3. Does exposure to technology affect student integrity in the classroom? 
  4. How do social roles define gender relations in the community? 
  5. How does racism influence social relationships? 
  6. How does family social stability influence the growth of children? 
  7. How do parenting styles influence the relationship between teenagers and their caregivers? 
  8. What factors lead to the development of social anxiety and depression among teenagers? 
  9. What factors promote bullying among students? 

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Cognitive Psychology Research Topics 

  1. How does memory affect behavior? 
  2. How does the subconscious affect an individual’s decision-making capacity?
  3. How can problem-solving skills be improved in children? 
  4. How do learning disorders affect cognitive development in children? 
  5. What are the different ways of promoting children’s cognitive abilities?
  6. How can creative thinking be harnessed to promote problem-solving skills among employees?
  7. What are the various interventions toward the effects of learning disorders? 
  8. What is confirmation bias and how can it affect the formation of beliefs? 
  9. How does the expectancy effect influence self-awareness?
  10. The effect of moral reasoning on cognitive development. 

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