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Radiofrench is a classic rock station that has been broadcasting since 1967. It has won many awards and is popular in several countries. This article will introduce the radio network Radiofrench and its founders, Guy Fidler and Jean Fresnous. Jean and Guy founded the popular radio station Radiofrench while at university in France. After graduation, they decided to take their talents abroad, first to the UK and then to Australia, where they became known as "Le jour flautant".

After leaving Radiofrench, the two brothers began creating their own music channel. The first ones on French radios en ligne were "Le jour flautant" and "charger for les". Now globally renowned, they have expanded their services to include live satellite radio and audio streaming in the UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France and the Netherlands. . Radio En Ligne is one of the most successful and popular radio stations in all the territories mentioned and has thus achieved global success and critical acclaim.

Radiofrench is primarily focused on music and entertainment, starting entirely with music. The station is very popular among young people and teenagers but is also well received by middle-aged adults and those in their forties and older. Some of the hits heard on ecouter radio are; "After the rain", "I'm madly in love with you" and "You're so pretty". Other popular songs on radio are; "I love you crazy", "Bon Jour", "Je t'aime à la folie", "Tu es Jolie" and "Bon Jour public".

Radiofrench is part of Canal Live, an organization that broadcasts more than 20 channels to most cities in the Canal Region. Leucate-en-Auxois, located in the Languedoc region, is another very popular town in the region, which also has its own radio station. "Les Baux deux" or The Big Baux is the slogan of this regional radio station. It is often compared to "Le Monde" (Big Town) by Le Monde as it also broadcasts over twenty channels. Radio Ecouer broadcasts through seven different language options, namely: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Latvian and Danubian.

The other major regional radio station is Nouvelle TV, which is one of the largest and most popular channels in the country today. The station has a major role in broadcasting and transmitting news throughout the country, through various radio stations. In fact, this "city newspaper" is considered one of the strongest news channels in the country today. The station is divided into seven separate categories, which are: or by music genre; or by category; or by female sportsmen; or by adventuring; or by drama; or by fact; or by reality shows.

Radiofrench is not only a powerful media but also a powerful producer of news and information. This France-based station is very much compared to Voice of America (VOA) and similar to RDF. The main staff of the company is the world famous actress Carole Bouquet, who has hosted many talk shows about cooking, gardening, life stories and more. The best thing about this radio station is that it is broadcast over the Internet using a high-speed satellite Internet connection, thanks to the cooperation of the local telephone companies of both Radio Ecouer and Radio France.

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