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The lion did not survive! Four lions in Barcelona Zoo have been infected with "COVID-19".

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Barcelona zoo officials release COVID-19 test results Of the lions in the zoo, all four lions, salanimaran, ran and superslot koombe were tested positive. Or infected with COVID-19 They have previously shown mild symptoms such as nasopharyngeal infections, coughing and sneezing, and two other zoo workers were also detected with COVID-19.

The zoo is currently investigating the disease. How do animals get coronavirus? But officials believe the four lions were infected by the zoo staff who looked after them.

All four lions are currently being treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. And have staff to take care of them closely The statement from the zoo states that

“The lions are cared for by a veterinarian. To treat symptoms that are not very severe Which resembles a slight cold And they responded very well. ”

This is only the second case that large feline animals are infected with the coronavirus, with the first case in the Bronx Zoo. USA Last April All three lions and four tigers were infected with COVID-19. However, all lions and tigers in the Bronx Zoo have been reported to have successfully healed.

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