BPO-ITES – Understanding

BPO-ITES segment of the business is still one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Specifically in South East Asia they are the largest employers. This specific segment brings in opportunities, growth, revenue and learning.
However in the last decade the quality of hiring has dropped majorly because of few reasons.
– Understanding of the industry
– Knowledge
– Communication
– Qualification
– Additional Skills
In our future posts we would discuss about these in details.
Also there are still talented candidates who are not able to present themselves effectively in an interview makes them choose a different industry not suited to them.
Skills like Basic Microsoft Office knowledge, effective communication, etc. continues to be one of the major reasons where deserving candidates miss out.
Understanding of the industry is one of the top reasons why candidates either end up not getting selected or they don’t appear for the interview.
The BPO-ITES industry is one of the most exciting industries one can work for. The opportunity to learn is immense, where candidates can enhance their skills and grow up the level. Almost all BPO-ITES industries have the option of talented, skilled employees to the core technology wing. The best part is one just needs to show their proactiveness and eagerness for a specific role.
It does not end there, as in most BPO’s the client base is diversified. From Telecom to Banking, Insurance to Hardware, Energy to Travel and Transportation, etc. This allows candidates to enhance their knowledge in different wings and excel. In most BPOs promotion happens through a mechanism where a vacancy request for all eligible candidates is rolled out. This is where one can use their knowledge, proactiveness and succeed as mostly anyone can apply in any LOB. Only in very rare scenarios it is restricted to a specific skill-set or a population due to restrictions laid down by the client.
We have often seen employees complaining about the organization not favouring him/her. However one should remember if you do not look after yourself no one will.
Many more such concepts and motivational case studies in our offerings.
– Interview Preparation – Freshers
– Interview Preparation – Professionals (Upto Assistant Manager / Group Leader)
– Motivational Sessions
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