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As a fresher when you first arrive to appear for an interview there are lot of questions in your mind. A sense of anxiety creeps into your mind.
However knowledge and skills are the two things which empowers you to overcome them. When we say knowledge, we do not expect a fresher to know anything about the job profile is about or in fact the person taking the interview is also aware of same. However, from knowledge we just want to highlight your strengths and to make your base firmer personal & professional skills is an add on.
In the BPO-ITES industry there are few personal skills which are vital for a candidate to shine in an interview.
– Communication Skills
– Proactiveness
– Situation handling skills
– Innovative
Professional which are a game changer both during the interview and on the job is Basic Excel. You may ask if I am a fresher do I need to immediately take responsibilities where data crunching is required.
The answer is No it is not necessary, however your immediate supervisor will be able to analyse your skills just by observing your grasping power is a step ahead than others. This is where it will be a game changer as with time you will see you are given critical responsibilities and your skills being tested.
However this is not all. Your skills will be tested in different ways and your performance will decide your fate.
Failure will not be the end of the road because you will still have time to learn from your mistakes on the road and succeed. This is where your mental toughness will be tested.
Many more such concepts and motivational case studies in our offerings.
– Interview Preparation – Freshers
– Interview Preparation – Professionals (Upto Assistant Manager / Group Leader)
– Motivational Sessions
– Basic Microsoft Excel
– Basic Microsoft Word
– Basic Microsoft Powerpoint
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