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All this while we have been discussing about what is important for a fresher while they try to join their first company.
In today’s article we will discuss what are the few areas which are very critical for a fresher in an interview, There are a lot of myths which is categorized as the most important thing. You might listen to some old school stuff like wearing formals, wearing a tie, don’t look nervous, never say a no to an interviewer, etc. Though there are few aspects which are important however in today’s world it does not decide your fate. It is very difficult few old school perceptions like try not to be nervous. Not sure if nervousness can be controlled, infact by reminding that to a candidate you are making him conscious. “Hilarious” isn’t it?
Though I agree that appearance is important however with changing time the same isn’t a decider. The three most important factors critical for a fresher to remember are
– Confidence
– Knowledge & Skills
– Expectation Setting (Both Ways)
I have also come across people saying that never say a no in the interview. But that is a very incorrect suggestion which you should never do.
Scenario 1 :The Hiring Manager / HR will be the first person to know your discomfort and you will lose points on the same. Always tell the truth and that is where is set the correct expectation. However, at times you need to know how to place it so that you do not sound rigid.
Scenario 2 : You accept something which you are not comfortable with and you get selected. The exact thing will play in your mind and will interrupt your focus while on the job. There will be a point where you will want to change the same and then it will create a chaos for the sole reason that you agrees to something which you were not convinced about.
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